"Je ne suis pas pour le fini. Je suis pour l'infini."
- Auguste Preault

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early 19th Century Dress

1795-1825 Dress
Muslin, mother of pearl buttons, sash vintage brocade

Back detail

Dress can also be worn without sash


Same 1795-1825 Dress as above
with over bodice

Over bodice, taffeta, cotton


Detail of back

16th Century Corset

16th CenturyCorset
Cotton, linen, nylon

16th Undergarments

16th Century Shift & Bum Roll
Muslin, silk

Detail of Shift

Works In Progress

Renaissance Formal Dress
Taffeta, velvet, linen
Beginnings of the bodice

Works In Progress

18th Century Corset
Japanese silk brocade, linen, cotton


Works In Progress

Circa 1860 Corset Back

Circa 1860 Corset Front
Japanese silk brocade, cotton